Are Services Taxable? A Comprehensive Guide

Sales of tangible personal property are subject to New York sales tax, unless specifically exempt. Generally, services are exempt from New York sales tax, unless they are specifically subject to taxation. However, no two states tax exactly the same services, and the types of services that are taxed can be divided into six categories. Most services are not subject to sales tax, such as capital improvements in real estate, health care, education, and personal and professional services.

Service providers must have a different perspective on sales tax in most states than retailers. Companies that provide strictly tax-exempt services do not need to collect or remit service sales tax. The general rule has always been that “products are subject to tax, while services are not subject to taxation”. Income can be received in the form of money, property, or services. This includes additional employee salaries and benefits, bartering, partnerships, S corporations and royalties.

This page should not be interpreted as exhaustive; other steps may be appropriate for your specific type of business. The types of services that are subject to taxation include those related to Internet services, data processing services, cable television service, portable toilet rental companies and more. If the service provider is unable to establish a reasonable allocation for tax-exempt Internet services, the total charge for bundled services is subject to tax. Similarly, an accountant or accountant does not provide taxable data processing services when they apply their knowledge of accounting principles to the preparation of financial reports or prepare federal income tax returns, state franchises or sales taxes. When it comes to sales tax, according to the Office of Economic Analysis, those numbers began to change significantly around 1950. The amount that people spend on goods continues to decline while the amount of money spent on services continues to grow.

Many companies that provide services are still unaware of these legal changes and some mistakenly believe that they don't have to pay any sales tax. In some states, businesses must charge sales taxes for services provided in conjunction with sales of physical goods. The challenge for companies is to determine what services are subject to taxation in the states where they have nexus (the obligation to collect sales tax). It makes sense since any property used for these types of services (such as scissors or dry cleaning equipment) is likely to be used permanently in the state. The term taxable services is defined in section 151.0101 of the Tax Code, Taxable Services, to include 17 broad categories of services. In most states, purchases of supplies and materials made by service companies are generally subject to tax at the time of purchase since most states consider these companies to be end consumers.

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