Tax Returns Made Easy at Walmart

Tax season is here and Walmart is making it easier than ever to file your returns. This year, more than 3,000 Walmart stores across the country will have a Jackson-Hewitt or H&R Block kiosk to help shoppers prepare and file their tax returns. All consumers who qualify to file Form 1040EZ will be able to do so for free. Walmart shoppers can also schedule appointments to meet with a tax professional or schedule document delivery.

Customers can present a free 1040EZ at Walmart stores that have Jackson Hewitt kiosks during tax season, but stores with kiosks in the H&R block will only offer it until the end of February. The interactive approach also allows you to search for answers to any concerns you have while you work so you don't have to stop, put aside your tax return and return to it later. Neil Johnson, a public accountant at The Dolins Group, is less convinced that Walmart's offer is so good for consumers. With the rise in the use of accelerated taxes over the past five years and the “big guys” in the tax preparation industry are still around and staying strong, the tax preparation business is as competitive as it ever has been.

Green Dot and Walmart MoneyCard do not provide and are not responsible for the products, services or general content of the website available on the website. These emails are sealed to protect your personal information while you're in transit to the IRS or your state's tax department, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your taxes are filled in and sent to safely arrive at the government tax office for processing. Tax Pro Go gives consumers the ability to have a tax expert prepare their taxes without having to go to an office and is available at Walmart from now until February. Organizing tax information and preparing to file your taxes each year is a little easier if you take advantage of the tax preparation services offered by Walmart Money Center.

Each of the 2,800 Jackson-Hewitt and 250 kiosks in the H&R block will offer a full range of tax preparation services to customers of all income levels through April 15.

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